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Jan 15, 2009


Man thought to have died in fire 11 years ago found dead in Tokyo

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A man who believed to have died in a fire in Komaki 11 years ago has turned up dead in Tokyo, sparking a police investigation into the identity of the first victim.

At the time of the fire, a family member identified the victim without realizing that it was someone else, police said.

The fire occurred at a construction company dormitory in Komaki in the predawn hours of April 3, 1998. A male worker suffered burns over his whole body and died about 20 days later. A discarded cigarette was found to have caused the fire.

Police investigators said that up until the man died, he was in hospital, with his face wrapped in bandages, but was able to talk.

However, Komaki Police Station, which received an explanation from the construction company, named someone else as the victim. A family member who lived in the Tohoku region met the victim and testified that he was an elder brother.

But the situation changed when the man who was named dead in the fire turned up dead in his home in Tokyo's Ota-ku at the beginning of this month.

The discovery sparked a renewed police investigation into the identity of the first victim.

The resume that the man who died in Komaki had submitted to the construction company reportedly listed the name and date of birth of the man who died in Tokyo.

Prefectural police said there was a high possibility that the worker had been using the name of the man who died in Tokyo.

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