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Oct 31, 2008

Otaku wants to marry manga character


A man has launched a campaign in Japan to convince the government that people are in need of a law that would allow marriages with comic characters.

In one week, more than 1,000 people have signed Taichi Takashita's on-line petition, according to The Daily Telegraph.

Takashita decided to launch an online appeal hoping to get one million signatures which would later be presented to the government of Japan.

He said: "I am no longer interested in three dimensions. I would even like to become a resident of the two-dimensional world.

"However, that seems impossible with present-day technology. Therefore, at the very least, would it be possible to legally authorise marriage with a two-dimensional character?"

Comic books known as manga, animated anime films and on-line virtual reality games have become increasingly popular in Japan, with fictitious characters frequently elevated to celebrity status.

One person who supported the petition, wrote: "For a long time I have only been able to fall in love with two-dimensional people and currently I have someone I really love.

"Even if she is fictional, it is still loving someone. I would like to have legal approval for this system at any cost."

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Is this for real? LOL

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