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Oct 7, 2008

RF Online is set to close

RF online

The official website for Codemasters' sci-fi fantasy game RF Online has announced the end of RF in North America and Europe as of the 9th of November.

After more than two years of operation, including nearly one year of free-to-play gaming, it looks like Codemasters is being forced to put an end to the struggling title.

According to an announcement posted on the RF Online website, Codemasters’ license to run the servers in North America and Europe will be expiring after November 9th, due to a breakdown in negotiations with RF Online’s Korean developer, CRR.

Quoted from the official closure announcement:

"Our licence for RF Online is due to expire shortly and unfortunately, despite several weeks of negotiations with CCR, the Korean developers of the title, we have not been able to reach an agreement to renew the contract.

This means that Codemasters will no longer have the right to operate the service in the Western territories it currently provides service in and therefore we are obliged to shut down all associated game services before the licence expires.

The last full day of service will be 9th November, 2008. All RF Online world servers will shut down on the morning of Monday 10th November, UK time."

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