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Nov 22, 2008

Takuya Kimura to appear with Beyonce in Samantha Thavasa ads

Beyonce in Samantha Thavasa ads
Beyonce in Samantha Thavasa ads
Image credit: Samatha Thavasa

American singer Beyonce Knowles and SMAP member Takuya Kimura will appear together in ads for luxury handbag brand Samantha Thavasa from Thursday.

In an official comment, Kimura said, "I enjoyed the time with her. She is really sexy and cute. I can learn many things from her to be a nicer guy."

Beyonce was quoted as saying, "Kimura is very handsome, strong, manly and sexy."

The ads were made at the end of October when Beyonce visited Japan.

The two spent about two hours together in the studio and Beyonce said Kimura taught her some Japanese words.

The ads will appear in the brand’s 117 shops nationwide as well as on billboards in Aoyama, Daikanyama and Harajuku.

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